The section 26 is an instance of the National Scientific Research Committee (CoNRS) and is managed by the National Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB) and the National Institute of Humanities and Society Sciences (INSHS).

The Section 26 covers a wide range of disciplines whose strong interactions are aimed at understanding integrative and cognitive brain functions, which support individual or collective behaviours, which themselves reflect the processes of interaction with the physical and social environment. Within section 26, these approaches form a seamless continuum that includes Ethology, Psychology, and integrative and computational neuroscience, as well as the interactions among these disciplines.

The 2020 Conjuncture Report (in French) takes a detailed look at all these disciplines, attempting to identify the highlights and emerging areas for each of them, as well as those that are in decline and the fears felt within our community.

In order to provide input for this Conjuncture Report, we directly questioned the unit directors and team leaders of the section’s laboratories on the current state of the discipline, their vision of future developments and their fears regarding their field and research practice. We would like to thank them all for their numerous and constructive feedbacks.